The Åland Institute of Music (ÅMI)

The Åland Institute of Music (ÅMI) is a school for you who wish to learn to play a musical instrument, sing or dance.

All students who are enrolled at ÅMI have the opportunity to perform in various concerts and recitals during the school year. This is a wonderful opportunity for the family to offer support and encouragement for the student.

In order to be able to enrol in ÅMI it is necessary to first enrol for an entry test. You are able to enrol via a form on our website:

When you have enrolled for an entry test you will automatically be sent a time to the e-mail address you have given. The tests are during week 22, 25-27 May for music and 25-26 May for dance. Please note that entrance applications for dance take place at Fabriksgatan 4.

This form is available on the website from the 1 st of April – 15 th of May 2020.

Welcome to ÅMIs Open Day

It is a fun afternoon with a chance to listen to song and music  Furthermore you can try playing many different instruments. You are all most welcome

Saturday the 18 th of April 2020 from 1 pm to 4 pm. ÅMI Grindmattesvägen 7 in Mariehamn.

Welcome to ÅMIs Dance Day

You have the chance to have a go at modern dance or perhaps classical ballet.

Sunday the 26 th of April 2020 from 1 pm to 4 pm. ÅMI Fabriksgatan 4 in Mariehamn.


Music Program

As a student at ÅMI you are offered individual tuition in your chosen instrument 45 minutes/week. In addition music theory, choir groups and the opportunity to play in an ensemble is also offered.

It is possible to play the following instruments at ÅMI

Woodwind Brass Guitar & Bass String Piano & Keyboard Vocals Percussion
flute French horn classical guitar violin piano
oboe trumpet electric guitar viola accordion *
clarinet trombone electric bass cello organ *
saxophone bass tuba   double bass *

*Subject to teacher availability

Age requirements

You are able to apply for entry to all ÅMI programs from the age of seven years with the exception of vocal courses. Here the age limit is 12 years. Younger singers are able to apply to the instrument program or one of the Institutes choirs.

Entrance test to music program

Listening component

As part of the entry test you will be asked to repeat rhythms, notes and simple melodies that the teacher will play.

You will also be asked to sing a short, simple little song that you have practiced beforehand. You will sing without accompaniment during the test. This test takes approximately 10 minutes.

Instrument component

If you are 12 years or older you will be asked to play a short piece on the instrument you are applying for. If you are younger than 12 years this is voluntary.

Dance Program

The dance program is made up entirely of group work. There are two types of dance offered: Modern dance or Classical ballet and many decide to dance both.

The other option is to choose dance as a minor course – together with a major course in either instrument or song.

Dancing lessons have their own premises at Fabriksgatan 4. As a dance student it is also possible to take part in other activities offered by ÅMI.

It is possible to apply for the dance program from seven years of age.

Entrance test for dance program

  • Wear comfortable clothes in which you are able to move freely
  • The test is performed in a group and takes approximately 30 minutes
  • During the test the students will be asked to perform steps and movements as demonstrated by the teachers.

For younger children (ages 3-6)

ÅMI is now offering a dance and/or music program for younger children

Age requirements

Dance programmes for younger children are divided into 2 groups: 3-4 years and 5-6 years

Music programmes are for children aged 5-6 years.

  • These courses do not require an entry test
  • Vacancies are filled as enrolments are recorded
  • All programs are conducted as group tuition and the lessons are 45 minutes long.
  • Children participate without their parents.

External programs

  • As an external student it is possible to – for example, sing in a choir, play in an orchestra, band or ensemble. It is even possible to study music theory/sight reading.
  • There is no entry tests for an external student.
  • It is only possible to participate in group programs (it doesn’t apply to dance programs). The fee is 80€/term. 

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What does it cost?

  • To study at ÅMI costs 190€/term for the major program for the first child
  • Other members of the same family pay 140€/child/term
  • A further 130€/term for an additional minor program
  • Dance programs for younger children 105€/term
  • Music programs for younger children 105/term
  • There is a maximum charge/family/term of 500€
  • External students pay 80€/term

Additional costs

  • For students who play a musical instrument or song students there will be an additional cost to cover sheet music, course literature and other teaching materials.
  • For dance students there will be additional costs for costumes, dance shoes and suitable clothes for tuition.

Instrument hire

  • Subject to availability it is possible to hire a violin, cello, piano from ÅMI. Mariehamns Youth Orchestra, also subject to availability, have woodwind and brass instruments for hire. Furthermore MYO is also happy to welcome new players
  • It is necessary to supply your own instrument if it is not possible to hire. If you are intending to buy an instrument we recommend that you always consult with your child’s teacher.

Should you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact ÅMI at tel. +358 (0)18-23 393 or Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.